#1 Project Plan

Simple Addicting Game

Games that I used for inspiration are small addicting games such as Doodle Jump, piano tiles agar.io, swing copters and flappy bird. Simple goal, basic controls and it keeps you coming back for more.

Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a 2D game where you have to fly through pipes by tapping the screen to make the bird fly upward, each pipe gives the player 1 point, If the player hits a pipe or the ground the game is over. What I like about this game is the difficulty, getting through a pipe is not easy as you can just barely fit through but once you get a rally going it’s feels satisfying, simple yet very hard game but really fun.


Swing Copters

Swing Copters is a 2D game where the objective is to pass through the gaps without touching the sides or the obstacles, the controls are easy to learn because it’s just one tap to move your character left or right. The addicting thing about this game is its difficulty because the character moves rapidly so timing is key to master the controls, and once you do it, it’s a good feeling.



Agar.io is a multiplayer game where the player controls a cell and the objective is to eat the cells smaller than you, the more cells you eat the bigger you get so the goal is to be the biggest cell in the game without being eaten by other cells, once you are eaten it’s game over and go back to being a small cell. The game has a few game modes like free for all and team death match. Their are some game play elements such as being able to dividing into multiple cells by the press of the space bar to get launch themselves to other players to eat them or to escape an attack from another player, split cells can eventually merge back into one cell. The player can also release a small fraction of cells to feed other players an action used to help a teammate. There are green spiky circles that split larger cells once touched they split into as many cells as they can depending on their size which could leave the player open for another player to eat them. The addicting thing about this game is that it’s a very simple game  gives freedom to develop your own strategies along with making them work.


Piano Tiles

Piano tiles has simple graphics just a black and white rectangles, the objective to tap the black tiles while avoid tapping the white tiles, if the player taps a white tile the game is over. There are many game modes such as rush mode where it starts off slow but then it gradually gets faster and faster, another game mode is zen where the player has to tap as many black tiles as they can before the time runs out. Theris many more game modes to keep things interesting. The addicting thing about this game is the difficulty, it’s harder than it looks but keeps the player coming back with its fast paced gameplay, great difficulty and multiple game modes.


Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump  is a game where you have to guide the player up a never ending series of platforms with falling, the higher the player goes the more points they get. Players can get a short boost from various objects such as springs, jet packs, trampolines to name a few. There are also monsters in the game that either have to be avoided or bounced on. Other things that cause a game over include black holes, UFO’s or jumping into a monster. The controls to the game is dragging the  mouse to control the character. Player can only move left and right. The addicting thing about this game is that it’s an easy game to get into with its simple control and adrenaline rush game play. A fun little game, simple and addicting.


I would like to make a small 2D game that’s so simple yet so addicting and with the amount of games out their that accomplish this its going to challenging trying to come up with something original and that’s what drives me to achieve this.

 Its going to contain:

  • Fun gameplay
  • High score
  • Simple controls
  • Quick start up
  • Great Difficulty
  • Addiction to keep the player coming back

I’m going to be using unreal engine 4 to create it since I am most familiar with it, I’m going research other game engines to see if theirs any that fully benefits me for this kind of project.

There are some articles that I plan to read to help me decide what game engine to use.









What I plan to do next is to write down some ideas on what kind of game i’m going to be making and how I can make fun and addicting. Also i’m going to do some research and decide which game engine i’m going to use for this project.


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